19 Dez, 2023

The Tech UpSkill program, an initiative under the umbrella of AIPI (Access International Partnership in IT), represents a collaborative effort between the Rwanda ICT Chamber and BITMi (Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.). Currently in its third cohort, this program stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment towards fostering technological advancement and skill improvement. 

Photo: Tech UpSkill Talents during the training

The primary objective of this project is to identify and support young fresh graduates from colleges and universities tech talents and innovators, bridging  the skills gap and empower these individuals across Rwanda. Some of the offerings The project provides to enhance their skills are opportunities aimed at capacity building and exposure to external prospects. 

AIPI had an impactful collaboration from the start with the consortium of kLab, and FabLab seems to be a key ingredient in the program’s success. Their expertise and involvement have played a significant role in guiding and shaping the projects of the participants, making them more competitive and ready for the job market.

Photo: Tech UpSkill talent using 3D printing machine

The talents and innovators are having their training in different Training sites/centers across the country. Talents located in Kigali are being incubated at fablab/Klab space & University of Rwanda (College of Science and Technology). While in the north part of Rwanda talents are being incubated in musanze & in the south talents are incubated in University of Rwanda (Huye campus). This is where talents are exploring their project and gaining new experience. They are pursuing courses, training and coaching. Besides that the project provides the space, tools and access to all materials and required resources  in order to thrive in the dynamic landscape of technology, ensuring their readiness to contribute in the tech sector on a local and global scale.

The ongoing 3rd cohort of the tech upskill program continues its mission to support innovative technical talents to develop skills in both hardware and software development. Over the course implementation, the program brings together different groups of talents, developers, and aspiring professionals, resulting in the greatest outcomes for both the participants and the technology industry. Also this equips talents with needed soft skills to be able to market and sell their solutions to potential employers and investors.

Photo: Tech UpSkill talents in Lab

The talents who are engaging in this program are actively showcasing their training activities, projects, insights about their experiences, not only their technical development but also the personal growth and empowerment they are experiencing along the way. Through the interviews conducted by AIPI, these talents have unveiled the transformative effects in their learning process and the evolution of their skills.

At the end of the program talents will showcase/present different projects they worked on and a panel of experts will assess them and provide awards according to their performance. All the talents and innovators who participated in the program will receive Certificate of completion, the outstanding performers will be rewarded internship & job opportunities from different outstanding companies, and others will be offered memberships and mentorship in Klab and Fablab.

Photo: Tech UpSkill Talents having Soft skills training

The success achieved by the Tech UpSkill program is undeniably commendable! It’s fantastic to see the continued effort during the three cohorts in reaching all corners of the country. Since the beginning of the program in 2021,the beneficiaries equals a total number of 259, whereof 74 are females and 150 have secured employment after completing the program.

This dedication ensures that aspiring tech talents and innovators, regardless of their location, have equitable access to invaluable opportunities for growth and skill development.

Video: Tech Upskill 3rd cohort talents sharing  their enriching experiences



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