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For Companies

AIPI supports business growth through various activities by organizing match making, study tours and several other activities where businesses get opportunities to conduct B2B meetings. The Rwandan ecosystem offers an entry point for German companies who want to explore new market opportunities in Rwanda and in the continent as a whole. This applies to Rwandan companies who want to export their solution on the European market, using Germany as an entry point. In addition, we facilitate German and Rwandan companies who want to create long-lasting partnerships and exchange knowledge with the goal of generating potential business opportunities that benefit both Rwandan and German ICT ecosystems. Despite this we offer several trainings and certification opportunities for Rwandan companies.

For Graduates

AIPI offers a platform for graduates to flourish through various activities such as talent detection of creative projects from across the country, internships and trainings among many others. Graduates and talents are able to gain growth support and training to bring their innovations to life through “Tech Upskill”, a cross-country IT talent detection. In addition, through internship opportunities, innovative graduates and talents gain a broad practical experience from professional internships in both Rwanda and German companies.


  • Mentoring with German IT experts Our mentoring program brings German ICT specialists to Rwanda to conduct workshops and company visits. The idea is that the content is tailored to each participating company and thus a high learning effect is created. In addition, the mentors remain contactable for the participants even after their departure.

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  • Quality Seals “Rwanda Tech Seal” is a certification program that aims at developing the capacity of local IT companies by providing them with the required skills and standards to professionally conduct international business projects. The program involves senior IT experts from Germany paired with their Rwandan peers and together they conduct sessions with selected Rwandan companies. Through this program, ICT Chamber together with The German Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi), will continue to work on Trust Seals, which will help members of Rwanda ICT Chamber to raise standards to professionally conduct international business projects.

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  • iSQI The international Software Qualification Institute (iSQI) (https://isqi.org/en/) is one of the market leaders in software qualification that supports professionals at all stages of their careers with a broad range of internationally recognized certifications. With foundation, advanced, expert and specialist certifications, iSQI helps professionals maximise their career goals as well as stay up to date and aligned with global standards in software testing.

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  • Hidden Talents Project We know that Rwanda is not just Kigali and ICT talents can also be found outside the capital. That's why we are specifically looking for these "hidden talents" to let them participate in our entire Tech Upskill program.

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  • Internships You gain a lot of theoretical knowledge during your studies. But for success you need practical experience. We offer internships as a practical-knowledge learning opportunity with experienced and championing Rwandan tech companies.

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  • Outsourcing Germany is known to have a glaring shortage of skilled workers in the ICT sector. In Rwanda, on the other hand, there are many very qualified specialists who can compensate for this shortage. That's why we help German and Rwandan companies with matchmaking and arrange outsourcing projects.

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  • Market Entry & Proof of Concept The Rwandan economy is booming. Africa is not the poor continent it is often mistakenly thought to be. It is an attractive market for investors. Rwanda, in particular, stands out here with steady economic growth, low-bureaucracy administration, agility, security and much more. However, due to the excessive supply of IT services in the national market, it is challenging for local IT companies in Rwanda to stay busy, hence cooperation with German IT companies would be an opportunity for Rwandan IT companies to penetrate the European market, using Germany as an entry point. We support you to successfully place your product/services on the Rwandan & Germany market.

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  • Study Tours We understand that collaborations on another continent can often be daunting at first. Therefore, we offer Study Tours to Germany and Rwanda for German as well as Rwandan companies. This way you can see with your own eyes what to expect and make interesting contacts.

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  • GS1 GS1 is the market leader in the development and distribution of global standards. Transparent communication within the entire value chain and common standards for the identification of articles are the aims of GS1 and are the basis for successful business. We’re building up GS1 Rwanda together with you.

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  • Knowledge Exchange In order to accelerate the effective implementation of the partnership project, to provide mutual understanding and to learn from each other through exchange of good practices when it comes to serving respective member companies, a job shadowing initiative was introduced where one ICT Chamber staff member went to BITMi with an objective of learning how BITMi runs their daily operations and vice-versa. Assuring smooth exchange of learnings and best practices between the ICT Chamber and BITMi through skills development, awareness creation and reinforcing the cooperation between the two organizations.

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  • Events The project consists of various events that help us expand our impact to the beneficiaries; ranging from info sessions, community breakfasts and networking & PR events. · Info sessions serve as one of the disseminations tools to reach out to companies willing to create partnerships and explore international markets. · Community breakfasts are a practice of bringing together ICT players in the ecosystem to share knowledge and experience over a cup of coffee/tea. · Networking and PR events: We hold networking events that bring ICT professionals and companies to exchange ideas and explore collaboration opportunities.

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