SUCCESS STORY: “International Collaboration in The IT Space”

28 Mar, 2024


International Collaboration in The IT Space is an initiative proposed by AIPI (Access International Partnership in IT), a project of the Rwanda ICT Chamber in partnership with the German IT-based Association Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi). The main goal of this workshop was to explore opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange and to strengthen ties between the IT communities of Rwanda and Germany.

The workshop took place on February 21, 2024, at the Kigali Marriott Hotel, and it was titled “International Collaboration in The IT Space,” it was a successful workshop Approximately 26 companies participated, and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, they expressed  their gratitude for this opportunity of networking with others in the industry and explored new possibilities for collaboration build for the future..

Photo 1: Companies in group discussions

The presentations which were one of the highlights of the workshop were not only informative but also interactive, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. During that session all participants had the opportunity to share their insights and engage with each other. The discussions also touched upon the challenges, strengths, and potential opportunities for other countries to explore in Rwanda’s IT space. 

The workshop was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Grun Oliver the CEO of BITMi and Alex Ntale the CEO of the Rwanda ICT Chamber. Their attendance added immense value to the event, bringing with them a wealth of experience and insights from their respective organizations.

Photo 2: Dr. Oliver Grün (CEO of BITMi and president of EU digital SME)

Dr. Oliver Grün, the CEO of BITMi and also a president of EU digital SME representing 47500 ICT SMEs, shared valuable perspectives on IT collaboration and innovation, drawing from BITMi’s extensive experience in the German IT sector. He was impressed by the Rwandan IT ecosystem in general and encouraged Germany ICT SMEs to invest in Rwanda as it is a promising destination for IT ventures. His presence underscored the significance of international partnerships in driving technological advancements.

Photo 3: Alex Ntale (CEO of Rwanda ICT Chamber)

Alex Ntare,the CEO of the ICT Chamber expressed gratitude to all the attendees for their participation in the workshop. He also encouraged the Germany companies to refer to reports such as the Doing Business reports and other relevant sources to gain insights into Rwanda’s reputation and business environment in the IT sector. He assured them that the Chamber values their input and is dedicated to finding solutions to their concerns in order to facilitate their potential investments in the country.

Photo 4: Mr Ernest Kayinamura (Chairman of Rwanda ICT Chamber)

Mr.Ernest Kayinamura, the Chairman of the ICT Chamber further emphasized the importance of this workshop and how this can be fruitful relationships between the IT communities of Rwanda and Germany. He mentioned that AIPI aims to serve as a bridge, helping to form lasting partnerships, so the connections made during the workshop should not be seen as temporary, but rather as the beginning of ongoing, productive collaborations.

Overall, the workshop provided a platform for meaningful exchange and collaboration between IT companies from Rwanda and Germany. It fostered learning, networking, and the establishment of connections that could lead to valuable partnerships in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on exciting collaborations and initiatives in the world of IT!

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