11 May, 2022

Road to GS1 Rwanda is a 3-year project initiated by The AIPI (Access International Partnership in IT) a project between Rwanda ICT Chamber and the German IT-based Association Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) together with the experts from GS1 Germany has started a program that aims to support the Rwanda business community building GS1 Rwanda Member Organization. The main goal of this initiative is to apply for, create and establish GS1 Rwanda.

GS1 is the global language of business and standard used all over the world to facilitate economic activities. Most importantly, it provides visibility, control, and profit to the entire supply value chain. The best known of these standards is a barcode, a symbol printed on products that get scanned electronically. For entrepreneurs in Rwanda, this is a considerable deal and very important, particularly to their businesses. With GS1 standards/code your products can easily be sold anywhere in the world.

“Road to GS1 Rwanda” setup is in progress, so far we had two workshops with more than 40 companies from different categories in Rwanda (Product exporters, manufacturers, producers, and Government institutions), Represented companies included Inyange, Sorwathe, Magerwa, Pharmalab, SawaCiti, RDB etc… The first “Road to GS1 Rwanda” workshop in November 2021 was mainly about general knowledge of GS1 and technical aspects of GS1 standards while the second workshop was about building up the first task forces to now concretely start the process of becoming the Rwandan GS1 member organization of GS1 Global.

The next steps after these workshops are community breakfasts organized by AIPI in which the flagships and interested companies can get together to work out a business plan and a legal entity. We are happy to hear from more companies that would like to become Flagships. If you are interested, get in touch via our contact form, Link .
Therefore AIPI would like to invite you to the third “Road to GS1 Rwanda” workshop which will happen on September 28th and 29th, 2022 from 9:30 am to 4pm. (The place to be communicated…). The third workshop’s main activities will be the presentation of the results from the community breakfast and based on that, a draft for the application will be prepared. The common goal of this workshop is to send out the first version of the application to GS1 Global in autumn in order to get feedback in time.

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For more details and information regarding GS1 Rwanda Preparation, click on the link AIPI
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